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Everyone (ok almost everyone) loves Rethymnon. Some for the city's nightlife, others for its romantic atmosphere, but everyone agree that it's one of the most beautiful places in Greece. Rethymno is the capital of the homonymous county with 34.000 residents, the third largest city on Crete island. The city gives a laid back and relaxed vibe although it's a big attraction and thousands of people stay and visit it. Rethymno welcomes you to stroll along the narrow streets of the Old Town, discover magnificent local flavors and take a cultural trip to the Greek Renaissance.

Short history

Rethymno is situated at the same place where the ancient city of Rithymna was built. The city thrived during the Hellenistic years (500-400BC) and was probably independent, having its own coin. In the following years (Roman and Byzantine era) there's no significant report of any development. During the Venetian era, there has been some small progress. The Venetians made fortification efforts to protect the port and the city for Ottoman pirate raids and in 1573 the construction of Fortezza Castle began. In the few coming years impressive blossom in trade, arts, architecture and economy was recorded. This advance was stopped abruptly in 1646 when Rethymno was conquered by the Ottomans who ruled for the next two centuries. In 1897 the Cretan State was formed and Rethymno showed again small signs of development. Nowadays, the city is flourishing in economy, culture, arts and crafts.

Things to do

Rethymno's economy is based on tourism, so everything you'll find there, services, food, drinks will be top quality. There are plenty of restaurants where you'll be able to taste international and local cuisine. Rethymno is known to the locals as 'the student city' so there are areas where night life is vibrant full of young people. Do not worry! If you come here to relax, these bars are concentrated on the seafront so except you stay above them, hardly you will notice any noise.

In more detail, Rethymno's biggest attractions are:

  • - The Old Town
  • - The Venetian port
  • - Fortezza Castle
  • - The Archeological museum of Rethymno
  • - Neratze Mosque
  • - The Folklore museum of Rethymno
  • - The Rimondi fountain
  • - The Municipal Garden

Other places within reach from Rethymno are some of the below:

Archeological museums and sites

  • - Museum of ancient Eleutherna - 23km southeast, 35min driving
  • - Aptera archeological site – 55km west, 50min driving
  • - Knossos palace - 80km east, 1hr 10min driving


  • - Bali village - 32km east, 30min driving
  • - Plakias village & Damnoni - 40km south, 40min driving
  • Preveli beach - 36km south, 45min driving
  • - Agia Pelagia village - 59km east, 55min driving
  • - Triopetra beach - 50km south, 1hr driving
  • - Agia Galini village - 56km southeast, 1hr driving
  • - Frangokastello village - 59km southwest, 1hr 15min driving

Places of interest

  • - Panormos village – 21km east, 20min driving
  • - Lake Kournas – 30km southwest, 30min driving
  • - Arkadi Monastery – 20km southeast, 30min driving
  • - Argiroupoli village – 29km southwest, 30min driving
  • - Spili village – 31km south, 35min driving
  • - Vamos village – 39km west, 40 min driving
  • Heraklion city – 81km east, 1hr 10min driving
  • - Chania city – 66km west, 1hr 10min driving
  • - Chora Sfakion town – 70km southwest, 1hr 15min driving
  • - Theriso gorge – 77km southwest ,1hr 15min driving

If you are wondering how you can visit all these places, don't hesitate and contact us! We have many suggestions for day trips. All you have to do is book a car from SunRise Car Rentals and start organizing your trip!

Other usufel info:

Municipality of Rethymnon website

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